The Retreat

A Memory-Care Community
Providing patients diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s with compassionate care that enables them to live life to the fullest is our goal at Encore.

Helping Residents Get More From Life.

Without question, the challenge of living with dementia or Alzheimer’s can seem overwhelming. That’s exactly why The Retreat was created. It’s a safe and comfortable memory-care community designed for building on the moments our residents have today and enabling them to get the most out of life.


With the skilled support of our experienced and compassionate caregivers, residents living with memory loss are encouraged to lead independent lifestyles. The consistent and regular staff schedules play an important role in this. It allows our team to get to know each resident’s habits which, in turn, allows for familiar routines to blossom.

Our World Revolves Around Our Residents.

The care provided at The Retreat truly centers on our residents. By providing familiar surroundings and daily routines, our team is able to cater to each resident’s comfort and specific set of needs. It begins with a carefully designed environment that is dementia-friendly. As a result, outside noises and distractions – such as traffic – are carefully controlled. This helps reduce the confusion and unrest that are often experienced in typical everyday settings. We have also designed special activities to benefit those who experience changing perception and altered cognition.

Care That Family Members Can Take Comfort In.

The team at The Retreat completely understands the impact that dementia and Alzheimer’s often have on family members and friends. This knowledge helps drive our commitment to easing the stress that residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s can feel. By doing so, we know we’re also helping family members feel more at ease.