Signature Programs

Encore Has Personality
Keeping the body and mind active are as important to staying healthy as your annual physical. Just because you no longer live at home doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the activities you’re passionate about – or learning new ones. Our signature programs at Encore are not about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions and personalities.

Cooking with Calvin

Cooking With Calvin invites residents to share their world-famous German, Irish, Greek, Italian or other native-dishes, teach other residents how to prepare the dish, and then cook and enjoy the meal together for a sense of connection.

Technology Tuesday

Technology Tuesdays provide residents opportunities to learn new skills and get questions answered, keeping them plugged-in and connected with family and friends. Residents learn how to use their devices to look up information, download apps, share photos or recipes, set reminders and send emails.

Gen E Gamers

These competitions encourage fun and help create a sense of connection among residents. Our residents love winning big with bingo by collecting Bingo Bucks and using them at the monthly Bingo Auction to bid on snacks, beauty products and more!

Pet Therapy

The best medicine for some medical or mental health issues isn’t just medicine at all … it’s pet therapy (also known as animal-assisted therapy) in the form of a wet nose or a warm hug to brighten a resident’s day.

Tech Connect

Bringing stimulating life experiences and adventurous activities to our residents is why we created Tech Connect. Through the wonders of technology and power of creativity, connecting with others has never been so easy or so much fun.