My Pleasure Committee

Paying It Forward Makes A Difference
It only takes one dedicated person to enact positive change in the world – or even the room they’re in. Can you imagine what a group of people with a like-minded mission can do?
Pleasant Valley’s My Pleasure Committee is a group of passionate residents who search for opportunities to bring happiness to others through small acts of kindness.


From passing out cans of 7-Up with the message, “Everything looks UP when you’re around” during CNA week, to gifting custom cupcakes for staff birthdays, the My Pleasure Committee is intent on enacting positive change in the attitudes and daily interactions of residents, beginning with one small act at a time.

They also give back to the local community by delivering school supplies to children in need or handing out water bottles with positive messages at the local supermarket on a hot day.


The residents of the My Pleasure Committee continuously gather together and share ideas on how to make a difference in the lives of others. Then, they act on those ideas to spread smiles, laughs and a sense of belonging that’s contagious to residents living at Pleasant Valley and locals in the surrounding community.